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Caribbean Highest Mountains


The Caribbean Highest mountains of the Caribbean islands are on the island of Hispaniola, where high, isolated peaks rise above the landscapes on both countries


Rank  Mountain Peak  Nation  Island  Elevation  Prominence  Isolation  1Pico Duarte Dominican Republic Island of Hispaniola3098 m
10,164 feet3098 m
10,164 feet941 km
584 miles2Loma Alto de la Bandera
 Dominican Republic Island of Hispaniola2842 m
9,324 feet1502 m
4,928 feet45 km
28 miles3Pic la Selle
 Haiti Island of Hispaniola2680 m
8,793 feet2650 m
8,694 feet127 km
79 miles4Pic Macaya
 Haiti isIand of Hispaniola2347 m
7,700 feet2087 m
6,847 feet216 km
134 miles5Loma Gajo en Medio
 Dominican Republic Island of Hispaniola2279 m
7,477 feet1779 m
5,837 feet57 km
36 miles6Blue Mountain Peak
 Jamaica Island of Jamaica2256 m
7,402 feet2256 m
7,402 feet272 km
169 miles7Pico Real del Turquino
[ Cuba Island of Cuba1974 m
6,476 feet1974 m
6,476 feet219 km
136 miles8La Grande Soufrière
 Guadeloupe île de Basse-Terre1467 m
4,813 feet1467 m
4,813 feet706 km
439 miles9Morne Diablotins
 Dominica Island of Dominica1447 m
4,747 feet1447 m
4,747 feet67 km
42 miles10Montagne Pelée
 Martinique Island of Martinique1397 m
4,583 feet1397 m
4,583 feet80 km
50 miles11Cerro de Punta
 Puerto Rico Island of Puerto Rico1338 m
4,390 feet1338 m
4,390 feet432 km
268 miles12Gran Piedra
 Cuba Island of Cuba1249 m
4,098 feetNA127 km
79 miles13La Soufrière
 Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesIsland of Saint Vincent1234 m
4,049 feet1234 m
4,049 feet162 km
101 miles14Mount Liamuiga
 Saint Kitts and Nevis Island of Saint Kitts1156 m
3,793 feet1156 m
3,793 feet190 km
118 miles15Pico San Juan
 Cuba Island of Cuba1140 m
3,740 feetNA409 km
254 miles